Review: Hair ribbon pad [Chinese brand]


Probably one of the most useful hair tools ever? I a few days ago I ordered the “Hair ribbon pad” on ebay because I’ve seen other people use it. It’s a good tool to make sure your bangs doesn’t fall downwhile you applying cosmetics or washing your face + It wouldn’t disturb your hair style after using because its easy to apply & remove. I would describe my hair as thick, silky smooth and bit oily. It’s hard for me to style my hair using bobby pins,  scrunchies, a hair band, etc. because it will fall down. But this ribbon pad holds it into place while I apply my makeup, which is great!

Product info
Brand – Doesn’t have a name (?)
Name – Hair ribbon pad
Size – 10cm x 5cm x 0.3cm
Made in China



Why I bought it
– Needed something to keep my bangs out of the way when I’m doing my makeup

What I like most about it
– Holds my hair
– Easy to apply and remove
– Cute packaging
– It can be used on any type of hair (frizzy, dry, oily, etc)

What I dislike about it
– It works best on hair that isn’t washed. If you use it on the same day you’ve washed it, it won’t hold very well.

Whether or not I would buy the product again
– If I end up loosing them somewhere in the mess of my room (oops) I’ll probably repurchase them again! They are so cheap and nice, I highly recommend everyone getting them because it has made my daily makeup routine a lot easier.

Product rating


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