Review: Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base [Etude House]


I’ve been loving the new collection from Etude House (Sweet Recipe), so I had to check out their Baby Choux Base! This face primer comes in several shades, #1 Mint Choux for reddish skin, #2 Berry Choux for pale skin, and #3 Peach Choux for yellowish skin. I picked up the Mint Choux because latley my cheeks and nose have been ridiculously red, so I was hoping this product would reduce the redness before I apply my foundation. Unlike most primers, the Baby Choux Base isn’t a thick gel. It’s has a soft and moist texture like whipped cream. It’s easy to apply and blend with. For some people, It’s a plus that it contains a line filling agent pigment, filling in wrinkles on your face. And it helps you look more healthy and young. The green base also comes with a faint sweet-cake scent, I like it. The product comes in quite a heavy glass jar. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a little spatula. I don’t mind using my fingers, but I know having to dip fingers in products can be a deal breaker for some people.

I have used this product five times and I must admit I’m starting to like it a lot. This is the type of product that creates a beautiful base for my makeup. It doesn’t necessarily prolong the wear of foundations/BB Creams but it does perfect them and creates a flawless base and I have not experienced any suspicious breakouts or irritation with this product so far. The product also offers SPF25, which is always a plus. I’m in love with the texture because it’s really nice and blends very well into my skin. The only thing I should be worried about is is applying a bit too much. I have to dip my finger in it gently and apply just a little bit, if I end up applying too much of it, it can make my face look a bit too pale and sick.

Product info
Brand – Etude House
Name – Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base (#Mint Green)
NET wt – 25g
Recommended for people with redness
Made in Korea





Why I bought it
– Because the redness on my skin was starting to annoy me

What I like most about it
– Cute packiging
– Soft texture
– The glass jar makes the product feel/look more luxurious and expensive
– Cancels out the redness perfectly

What I dislike about it
– If I apply too much it will make my skin look pale and sick.

Whether or not I would buy the product again
– Yes

Product rating


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