Review: Slim 2B Alternative for arm and body fat loss [2B]


This product was recommended to me by one of my favorite beauty gurus. It’s the 2B arm and body fat loss gel! 2B claim that their product(s) are for professional beauty treatment. 2B was inspired by years of medical research and latest technological breakthrough that helped shape the trend of skincare treatment, and slimming solutions that currently offered in top plastic surgery and dermatology practices. It will bring you the fastest, the accurate, and the focus professional treatment on its collection of product.

After using this product for 2 weeks, my personal experience with it is that in does in fact work. When you rub the smooth gel into your skin, it will start tingling, almost burning (but it doesn’t hurt). The sensation lasts up to an hour. I love when you can feel the product working, its a really satisfying feeling. I’ve used this product once a day and I like how it has improved my under-arm fat. You know when you’re waving to someone and your underarm fat starts jiggling back and forth? Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it was starting to annoy me and I didn’t like how it looked on me. But after using this gel, I feel like it has proved my skin a lot more. This product works, but the results aren’t super dramatic or anything. If you’re looking for dramatic changes then this product is not for you.

Product info
Brand – 2B Alternative
Name – 2B Slim Alternative: 2B Into Arm & Body shape body loss

2__Bproduct review coloring

3_ GELproduct review coloring

Why I bought it
– Someone recommended it to me + it sounded interesting

What I like most about it
– It has improved some of my body parts and made them firmer/slimmer
– The smell is refreshing and fruity
– It doesn’t feel sticky at all

What I dislike about it
– It’s expensive

Whether or not I would buy the product again
– I’m unsure. It’s a good product, but I don’t think its worth the price.

Product rating


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