Review: Mixed Eyebrow Cake [Lioele]


I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect eyebrow kit and came across the Lioele Mixed Eyebrow Cake #2 Grey/Dark Grey. In the past, I’ve had pleasant results using Lioele products, so I was very excited to give this a try. The palette is an eyebrow cake that can mix colors and match your color of eyebrow naturally. You can arrange your eyebrow with the screw brush (that comes with the set) and mix the colors in with an angle brush. The palette comes in two shades, #1 Brown dark brown, suitable for bright color hair. and #2 gray / dark grey, suitable for medium to dark hair.


Honestly, I was a little bit disappointed. I had expected the consistency to be more special, but it just feels and looks like an eyeshadow. You might as well save some money and go out and buy a shade in the same color. But don’t get me wrong, its not like its a bad product. It’s just that I expected more since its a Lioele product. The kit is overall a good, the color payoff is nice and it blends well. The brushes that comes with the kit is okay but I prefer using my own.

Product info
Brand – Lioele
Name – Mix Eyebrow Cake #2 – Grey/Dark Grey 2,5g
Made in Korea

Why I bought it
– I wanted an eyebrow kit

What I like most about it
– The kit is small and perfect for traveling
– Pigmented

What I dislike about it
– No different from an eyeshadow
– The brushes that comes with the kit is useless, especially the angle brush

Whether or not I would buy the product again
– No

Product rating


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